Review: From the Corner of the Oval // Beck Dorey-Stein

Review: From the Corner of the Oval // Beck Dorey-Stein

Following graduation from college, Beck Dorey-Stein ends up in Washington, DC, working a number of odd jobs to get by. Finally tired of just getting by and being unsure about what she wants out of life, she responds to a posting for a clerical job on Craigslist. To Beck’s surprise, the Craigslist posting is not for a small-time clerical job, it is a posting for a stenographer in the Oval Office – Obama’s second-term-Oval-Office. Beck is sure she won’t get the job, but to her surprise, an offer for the position follows soon after her interview.

Beck is the ultimate DC outsider, someone who vehemently resisted the uppity vibes DC gave off, but soon, she finds herself as part of the exclusive team that accompanies the president on every trip and outing.

Throughout the book, Beck takes us with her on some memorable events that took place during Obama’s second term, such as the tragedy in Charleston, SC, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon bombing. We experience the tragedies as well as the triumphs, and even what can be seen as the mundane of her learning the ropes of her new job.

Beck makes friends with other White House women, who have also dropped everything to fly around the world on Air Force One. Beck takes us along as she has relationship trouble with her long-term (and long distance) boyfriends, and her fling with a highly regarded White House staffer.

I thoroughly enjoyed the writing of this book, as it felt like Beck was writing in her journal, or having a conversation with us. Plus I’m a sucker for all books relating to DC or politics, so this was right up my alley! Next up I need to read Alyssa Mastromonaco’s book about her time in the Obama’s White House!

Goodreads stars: 4/5 (AKA I truly enjoyed reading it and I highly recommend you add it to your TBR list!)

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