Review: Ghosted // Rosie Walsh

Review: Ghosted // Rosie Walsh

Sarah, meet Eddie. Both are in their thirties and neither have found love yet. Sarah and Eddie feel an instant connection with each other. They spend hours at a local pub on the first day that they meet. These hours at a local pub quickly turn into six amazing days full of getting to know each other.

When it’s time for Sarah to head back to her parents’ before returning home to Los Angeles, and to reality, Eddie promises he’ll call. So Sarah is flummoxed when he does not, in fact, call. At all. For days, which then turn into weeks. Sarah has been ghosted.

Sarah starts down this slightly embarrassing, albeit probably very relatable to many people, rabbit hole of trying to find Eddie. She calls and texts, she posts on his Facebook wall, and she even remembers where his pickup soccer team plays their weekly games and tries to find him there.

I’m the midst of Sarah and Eddie’s love story and his later ghosting, there are also letters of remembrance to a mysterious girl, as well as flashbacks to a mysterious accident and the supposed death of a family member, but it is not clear whose family member it is. I thought at first the letters were from Sarah to her sister, and her sister was the one who passed away in the accident.

All roads converge when we find out that it was Eddie’s younger sister who was the girl who passed away, and it’s been Eddie who writes the letters. Years ago, Sarah got into a car race with this boy who she really liked, and her younger sister was in the other boy’s car, while Eddie’s sister was in Sarah’s car. Sarah and the boy were about to collide, when at the last second Sarah swerved to avoid hitting her sister, killing Eddie’s younger sister.

This revelation explains why Eddie ghosted Sarah – he found out that she was the girl driving the car, and he felt so guilty for falling in love with her that he couldn’t face it. It also didn’t help that his mother has spent her entire life wishing ill upon Sarah and her family for the death of her daughter. Sarah and Eddie work through their troubles and eventually end up with a baby, and Sarah even gets to reconnect with her sister, who never stopped blaming her for the accident and her best friend dying. The last scene in the book features Eddie’s mother holding her grandchild and flashing a small smile to Sarah.

I really enjoyed reading this book. At times I was so embarrassed for Sarah when she was doing so much to try to find Eddie, but I think that’s what made you understand how much she truly loved Eddie. She would do anything to try to find him, and at times she questions herself. She leans on her network to bring herself back up, much like any woman would. The writing kept me hooked from the beginning to the end, and I liked that there was also the mystery of the letters. Not only was it a love story, but it also kept you guessing, trying to see how all the pieces fit together.

Goodreads stars: 4/5 (AKA I truly enjoyed reading it and I highly recommend you add it to your TBR list!)

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