Favorite Podcasts

Favorite Podcasts

Today I want to talk about some of my current and past favorite podcasts. Now there are a number of other podcasts that I have listened to and that I enjoy, but the four I talk about below are the ones I either (a) am currently obsessed with or (b) top my list of favorites. Please leave a comment below with any other podcasts you recommend and think I should add to my queue to listen to!


Awesome Etiquette // This is a podcast recorded by Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning, cousins and co-presidents of the Emily Post Institute. Each week, Lizzie and Daniel record an hour-long episode answering questions about 21st century etiquette submitted by listeners. The co-hosts are great to listen to, especially when Lizzie gets becomes super passionate with her answers, and the two go back and forth throughout the episodes, often bantering and going off on tangents. Listening to this podcast has definitely changed the way I treat other people and try to consider other people’s situations. Not only is it an entertaining podcast, it is an invaluable resource for modern day etiquette.

How I Built This // This is a recent find for me, but I definitely cannot get enough of this podcast. How I Built This is an NPR production and each week the host, Guy Raz, interviews the founder of some of the world’s best-known companies. This series is a fascinating look into the minds of some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs. It is inspiring to hear about how some of the world’s most popular brands and companies were created by normal people selling fax machines (Sara Blakely of Spanx) or how to the couple who created the wedding website The Knot had a disastrous (their word, don’t worry) wedding. (Fun Fact: Listening to this blog actually inspired me to write more blog posts because so many of the founders spoke about following your dreams and not giving up, and how will I know if this blog is something I’ll want to pursue if I don’t give it a chance?)

 Serial Season One // I was definitely late to the game with this podcast, but it was so good that I finished it in three days. The plot of the crime is intriguing, and the way Sarah Koenig, the host, breaks down and analyzes pieces of the case each week is what really kept me around for each chapter of the podcast. There are recorded phone calls and interviews interspersed with Koenig’s reporting. I felt invested in the story throughout the entire series, and that’s what kept me hitting that “Next Episode” button.

 Dirty John // “When something seems too good to be true, that’s because it probably is” – this is the opening sentence of this podcast’s description. Dirty John is an investigative report of swindler John Meehan by Christopher Goffard from the L.A. Times. Debra Newell, a divorcee, meets John Meehan on a dating website, and he seems perfect. Newell is head over heels, but her family does not like John, and goes to great lengths to tell her so, but soon there is this giant cycle of lies, denial, and forgiveness. Goffard narrates the podcast, but there are also interviews with Newell, her family members, and Meehan’s ex-wives and siblings. The podcast is seven episodes, so it was easy to breeze through, and I highly recommend it!

There are some other podcasts I have in my Podcast app library to listen to in the coming days and weeks, such as The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher, Pursuit with Purpose by Melyssa Griffin, and Lady Lovin’ by Jilly Hendrix, Greta Titelman, and Lo Bosworth. Again, please let me know of any other podcasts that you recommend!

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