Books I Read in Montego Bay

Books I Read in Montego Bay

I brought three books with me on vacation: Eligible, Surprise Me, and Modern Lovers. Originally I only had two books packed for my trip, but I knew that with how much we would be lounging by the pools and the beaches, I would be kicking myself if I only packed two and finished both of them. Now some of you are probably thinking, I’m lucky if I only finish ONE book while on vacation, let alone THREE. Granted, I was already halfway finished with Eligible when we left for vacation, but I did finish Surprise Me in the five days we were at the resort.


Eligible // If you are unfamiliar with the plot of Eligible, it’s a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice written by Curtis Sittenfeld, the author of Prep and American Wife. I couldn’t put down either of Sittenfeld’s prior novels I read, so I was super excited to pick this one up from the library. This book got off to sort of a slow start for me, but after about 75 pages, the pace picked up and the story started falling into place. It was entertaining reading this retelling, especially because I’ve read the original book by Jane Austen. Having read the original book, it was almost like game or scavenger hunt to pick up on certain details that were similar to the original story. The novel kept me glued to my seat – I was tuning everything out in the busy airport and on the beach just to try to finish this book.

Goodreads stars: 4/5

Would I recommend? Definitely – especially if you enjoyed Prep or American Wife.

surprise me.jpg

Surprise Me // When I think of fun, lighthearted books to read, one of the first authors that come to mind is Sophie Kinsella. I have read all of the books in the Shopaholic series, as well as some of her standalone novels, so when Surprise Me popped up on my Goodreads account, I quickly placed a hold for it at my local library. Surprise Me is about a couple who find out that they could be married for another 68 years, so they set out to try to surprise each other in their everyday lives, which lead to some equally funny, awkward, and dramatic moments. This book was exactly the sort of read I wanted for the beach.

Goodreads stars: 3/5

Would I recommend? Yes, especially if you are looking for an easy, funny book.

modern lovers.jpg

Modern Lovers // I am still only a quarter of the way into Modern Lovers, but it has been a bit tough to personally connect with the characters. The writing itself is enjoyable and a good pace for easy summer reading (yes, I know it’s still only April, but I am over the cold and ready for some warm weather, along with the fun books to go with it). I will keep you updated on how the rest of the book turns out!

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