Winter Series by Elin Hilderbrand

Winter Series by Elin Hilderbrand

I know that it’s past the holiday season as I post this, but better late than never! Around the holidays, I love reading books set during the winter, similar to how I love light, summer beach reads when I get home from work or spend the weekends at the pool during the spring and summertime. I finished Elin Hilderbrand’s “Winter Series” during November and December, mostly when I was home for the holidays.

All four books are relatively short and the stories keep you captivated, so they are easy to get through. The series follows the Quinn family through four consecutive Christmases. Kelley Quinn, father of the four Quinn siblings the novels also follow, owns the Winter Street Inn on Nantucket. The novels follow the heartbreaks, the deceptions, and the family drama the Quinn’s experience.

The four Quinn children – Patrick, Kevin, Ava, and Bart – are all grown. Patrick is married and a hedge fund manager in Boston who is scared his biggest secret, and biggest regret, will be discovered. Kevin is a bartender on Nantucket who is secretly sleeping with a French housekeeper at the Winter Street Inn. Ava is a school teacher on Nantucket who can’t get the perfect man to commit to her. Bart, the youngest and half-sibling to the other three, recently joined the Marines. To top it all off, Kelley discovers his wife, Mitzi, in bed with the man who plays the inn’s Santa each year. This is where the series picks up in the lives of the Quinn’s, and it only gets better from there!

The Winter Series is a series full of family drama that at times makes you cringe and ten seconds later makes you cry (okay, maybe that was just me…). Overall it is a fun and festive series that I enjoyed reading around the holidays!

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